Skin Dysbacteriosis

Skin: A mirror of our digestive system.

Dysbacteriosis is an imbalance of the microbial communities of our mucus membranes and skin. Intestinal microbial imbalance may have an effect to other tissues such as our skin, as emphasized by Dermatologists.

The skin surface is a peculiar ecosystem which includes keratinized cells of epidermis and ‘normal’ microflora. They are tied in a symbiotic manner. The protective characteristics of our skin are closely related to the skin microflora composition, and is related to the intestinal microflora, known as the gut-skin-axis.

An intestinal microbial imbalance may allow the growth of pathogenic bacteria on our skin, namely Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli; developing skin bacterial imbalance.

Experts note that microbial imbalance precedes visible problems, namely acne, pyodermatosis, dermatitis, psoriasis. First signs of microbial imbalance are rash, skin dryness and irritation.

From 10,000 to 1,000,000 bacterial cells inhabit 1cm2 of skin. Bacteria inhabiting skin surface are called Automicroflora of Skin (AMFS).

Levels AMFS

  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Normal level: up to 20 CFU/smear
  • Elevated: from 20 CFU до 100 CFU/smear – skin dryness, suppressed immune system
  • High level: more than 100 CFU/smear – redness, itch, pimples, acne, suppressed immune system

AMFS balance may be disturbed by suppressed immune system, intestinal microbial imbalance (dysbacteriosis), accumulation of toxins and allergens in our body, and also by skin mechanical injuries.

Even healthy women in 30% of cases*, have an imbalanced skin microflora. (* - research by department of the Institute of Dermatology).

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